Book Review: Undisputed by A.S. Teague

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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Book Review: Undisputed by A.S. TeagueUndisputed by A.S. Teague
on 07/29/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 236
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I live a life most could only dream of. Parties, women, fame—what more could I want?

As the undisputed MMA light heavyweight champ, I’ve faced the world’s toughest men. But, with a single glance, I knew that the five-foot-five redhead with a smart mouth and innocent eyes would be my hardest opponent yet.

Sidney O’Neil isn’t my type. While I spend my nights out drinking at the trendiest clubs in town, she spends hers taking care of her sick nephew. She is nothing I thought I wanted, yet she’s somehow become the one thing I need.

But what happens when the world is tipped on end and I’m no longer who she needs?

How do I convince her that we’re worth the fight when all she knows is defeat?
I’ve never lost a match, and I refuse to start now.
But, sometimes, the toughest fight of your life is outside the cage.








Fearless; Emotional; Heartbreaking!!!


I spent a lot of my life trying to conform to who my family wanted me to be, but the truth is I’m just an arrogant, cocky son of a bitch who likes the attention. by Brec

Brec is tall, arrogant and dangerous! He is a woman’s wettest dream and also her worst nightmare. He is a player and doesn’t hide that fact. He likes to fight and has always come out the winner. When life deals him the unknown, the unexpected, he is lost. Will he come out on top again?

Sidney has rearranged her entire life so she could take care of her nephew. When sickness disrupt her very structured world she looses balance and her safety net. How will she keep everything in order, when life takes control and leaves her on the back seat? Is she capable of starting over?

I went to a sick kid’s house and got slapped in the face by nothing I’ve ever wanted. And, somehow, everything I’ve ever needed. by Brec

Undisputed is told on a dual first person point-of-view, which enriches the experience of the book. The plot is really well written not only exploring  Brec’s journey into maturity, but also Sidney coming out of her shell. Through Sidney’s nephew Brec and Sid learns that to get a second chance in life they first need to lose something and to learn how to cope with that loss.

I’ve really loved both characters. They feel real! They are easy to connect, relate and understand.

This is a very addictive read that keeps you guessing and ends wanting more. Ms. Teague was an unknown to me author, that I’m sure going to be on the lookout from now on.

This is not a sweet romance with a clear HEA. This is a roller coaster of emotions, a survivor’s story with a heartbreaking HEA.

You’re strong and smart. Sexy and sweet. you don’t need anyone. But I’m gonna be a selfish bastard and stick around for as long as you’ll have me. by Brec

P.S: I love the cover! It’s so Brec. It’s sexy and arrogant at the same time.


You MAY buy this book because you are into sports romance; you SHOULD buy this book because you love great characters; but you MUST read this book if you want to feel the complex emotions of a staggering read!!!





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