Book Review: Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein

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I received this book for free from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Rose Petal Graves by Olivia WildensteinRose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein
Series: The Lost Clan #1
on 05/15/2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 183
Source: YA Bound Book Tours
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I thought losing my mother would be the greatest shock of my life, but the greatest shock came after her death.

Founded two centuries ago by an aloof and powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation. Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenly, so I rushed home.

Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.

As we made preparations for Mom’s burial, Cruz, the new medical examiner, arrived. I should have felt relieved, but how could I? He was unnervingly handsome, glowed like a human firefly, and knew absolutely nothing about examining dead bodies.

But, he did know what killed my mother…or rather who.

Series Rating: three-stars






Creative; great world-building; interesting plot!

Like drivers slowing to absorb each detail of a car wreck, they were attempting to decipher how many sad little pieces I’d been broken into. by Cat

Cat comes back home for her mom’s funeral. It’s shocking, sad and unreal, because her mom was healthy, young and fit. She doesn’t believe her mom died of natural cause and she doesn’t trust the weird medical examiner. She starts to unravel the mysteries that surround her mom’s death. While doing this, she discovers a magical heritage she doesn’t want, an unexpected attraction to her enemy, and that she may have to stay in town for a while to take care of her dad and to protect her family. Is Cat strong enough for this?

I don’t know what to say about this book. I’ve neither loved it, nor hated it. It was ok! 

First, I would like to post a warning for all other readers:

* This book doesn’t have an ending per se. It has a major cliffhanger at the end. I don’t mind serials, I read them. But I believe it should be explained at the blurb of the book.*

This story has a great concept. The author was very creative with her world-building and her overall plot. The problem for me  was the pace. The book was too fast, too short. I had no time to connect with the characters. I wish I had known them better, so I could have understood and related to them.

It was not an addictive read for me. In fact, until the middle of the book, I was unsure if I was liking it or not. But about 48% on my Kindle, things started to progress and I’ve ended up wanting to know more.  I guess what I missed the most was the thrill. I was curious but not passionate.

Cat is an interesting character. I believe she has room for an amazing growth in her story arch, but I haven’t been able to relate to her. I understood how she should be feeling, but I was uncertain how she really was feeling about everything.

I like the premise of the romance. Right now, it has a love triangle vibes in the air, and as a ménage reader lover I totally dig that, even though I know, no ménage is coming. I can see the appeal of both males and I like where is heading. I really hope Cat will be in-between both guys for a while. I want to see the romance part of the book grow.

Another interesting thing is that you don’t really know who is the hero. You are not sure who is the bad guy or the good guy. In fact, I think we can say Cat is alone in her quest, because I’m not certain who she should or could trust right now.

Just because your heart beats for one does not mean their species is good. by Gwen

P.S: I’ve really liked the cover. I can read part of the story in it. It’s beautiful and profound at the same time.

P.S2: I will be on the look out for book two, as I’m curious to know what comes next!!!

You MAY read this book because you like Urban Fantasy; you SHOULD read this book because you want something creative; you MUST read this book if you are willing to bet on a great plot concept that can be wonderfully explored!!!




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About Olivia Wildenstein

Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day. She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s in comparative literature. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a laptop computer and a very comfortable chair. This line of work made more sense, considering her college degree.

When she’s not writing, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, baking up a storm (that she actually eats), going to the gym (because she eats), and attempting not to be late at her children’s school (like she is 4 out of 5 mornings, on good weeks).

Wildenstein lives with her husband and three children in Geneva, Switzerland, where she’s an active member of the writing community.

Rating Report
Overall: three-stars
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