Book Review – Dirt On The Diamond: A Baseball Duology by AJ Mathews & Heather Young-Nichols

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from AJ Matthews in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review – Dirt On The Diamond: A Baseball Duology by AJ Mathews & Heather Young-NicholsDirt On The Diamond by AJ Matthews, Heather Young-Nichols
Published by Colbert Creative LLC on 08/16/2016
Genres: multi-genre, historical romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports
Pages: 183
Source: AJ Matthews
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Stealing Home by Amelia Matthews

Jack Behr knew two things: baseball and bloodshed. A proud warrior of the Ojibway Tribe of Saginaw, he’d given up the first to fight for his country in World War II, only to find himself mired to his knees in the latter. Now home, Jack struggles to readjust in a place that valued his scouting and marksmanship skills on the battlefield, but has little use for him anywhere else in “civilized” society.

Kitty Fitzgerald had finally realized a lifelong dream: to make a living playing a sport she loved. As the brave men of the country battled enemies overseas, Kitty battled foes on the diamond. She did her part to encourage morale during this trying time, and relished the experience, knowing it could end all too soon.

Then Kitty met Jack.

Kitty was never one to stand for intolerance or hatred, and sometimes her temper took control. Returning home from batting practice one evening, Kitty witnessed a uniformed soldier being attacked. An Indian soldier. Charging in with her bat, Kitty knocked out Jack’s assailant and slid right into his heart.

A shared love of the game brings them together, but will Jack’s battle scars and society’s prejudices pull them apart? Or can they mount the obstacles and realize that their love for the game, and one another, is stronger than anyone trying to throw them out for Stealing Home?

Head in the Game by Heather Young-Nichols, Author

Zev Cohen dreamed of playing professional baseball since he was a little kid. After opting to finish college before going pro, he finds himself stuck in the minors. Right as the majors start paying attention to him, he loses his swing. His defense is better than ever and until that point, so was his offense.

Wrigley Behr was raised on baseball. Her father played pro and is on the verge of entering the Baseball Hall of Fame. His father had already earned his spot there. And, what most people don’t know, is her grandmother played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball league. The sport is in her blood. As a girl, she’ll never play in the major league and instead focuses on her Master’s degree in psychology.

With his lost swing, Zev’s coach suggests he talk to a psychologist, who happens to be Wrigley’s mentor. Wrigley is beautiful, knows baseball, but worst of all can see every one of Zev’s faults. He doesn’t have time for distraction, she doesn’t date ball players, yet their attraction is undeniable.

Will Wrigley be the thing to draw Zev’s focus from his life’s dream or can she help him get his Head in the Game?




Dirt On The Diamond:

A Baseball Duology


AJ Mathews & Heather Young-Nichols


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Daring; surprising; uplifting!!!


He was done fighting, fighting these men, fighting a society who didn’t value his “kind” simply because of the circumstances of his birth. by Jack


When I first read about this book, I was very intrigued about the multi-genre idea having a sport as the main focus. It really worked! I’ve loved both the historical read and the contemporary. I have enjoyed the game, even though usually I’m not big on baseball.


In all years of playing, she’d never hit a grand slam. But off the field, she felt like she was hitting one every day. by Kitty


What has really worked for me:


  • All four main characters are great. I love both heroes and heroines. They all felt real, believable. It was easy to connect, relate and love them. Jack & Kitty are so courageous, Zev & Wrigley so easy to love.
  • The concept of a plot of two different genres novel with  a sport as their main focus is masterfully executed by both authors. Each author gives their story their own voice and spin, but at the same time they are respectful of the main theme.
  • Both books give the readers some nice romantic, steamy scenes. They are never over used and all of the scenes feels very pertinent to the story.
  • I find the whole book very creative with a freshness to its concept.
  • It was a fast-paced read, really hard to put down.
  • I really like the cover. Oh, I can see Jack and Zev there. It perfectly begins to tell the story of the duology. A major “home-run”!


You couldn’t be the daughter of a future Hall of Famer, be standing in the middle of a baseball diamond, and expect people not to put those things together. by Wrigley


What could have been better: 


  • I wish the book was a bit longer. Specially the second story could have given us more. I have ending the book wanting to know so much more about them. I hope somehow this will have another spin-off.
  • I had understood on the first book that Jack was half white, half native-american. On the second book the author says Jack was full native-american. I know this is a small detail, but I’m always stuck on details.
  • The fact this seems to be like a one time thing, and I could totally see the whole baseball team, past and present, being explored. Yeah, I’ve ended wanting more!!! 🙂


You’re my girl. Wrigley, I might not be your man yet but you’re my girl as far as I’m concerned. by Zev


You MAY this book because you like baseball; you SHOULD buy this book because you are intrigued by a multi-genre book; you MUST read this book if you want to meet a couple of amazing heroes and a couple of kick-ass heroines!!!



About AJ Matthews

I wrote my first book at six. A retelling of The Three Little Pigs, illustrated by my grandmother, the book was never picked up and was self-published instead, glued to cardboard with a cover fashioned from wallpaper scraps.

Today, I write stories featuring nice guys (or nice guys in-the-making) in between my other jobs writing research reports for a commercial real estate company, refereeing two young daughters, navigating the teen waters with a too-cute-for-his-own-good son, spoiling a neurotic cat, and making my darling, patient husband shake his head. I’m also an autism mom, chocolate enthusiast, sports-watcher, nacho-eater, and beer-drinker.

A Maryland native, I live in North Carolina now, but dreams of the beach fuel my fantasties, and my characters can often be found strolling in the sand or sailing along a coast.

About Heather Young-Nichols

Heather Young-Nichols is a multi-published YA and contemporary romance author and a native of the great and often very cold state of Michigan. She is better known at home and to her friends as the Snarker-in-Chief, a job she excels at beyond anything she could have imagined. She loves many things, but especially cold coffee, hot books, and baseball. But not necessarily in that order.

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Overall: four-stars
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