Book Blast & Giveaway: Domestic Discipline by Cara Bristol

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Book Blast & Giveaway: Domestic Discipline by Cara Bristol

Book Blast & Giveaway: Domestic Discipline by Cara BristolDomestic Discipline by Cara Bristol
Published by Cara Bristol on September 4, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 88
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Love, desire, domination, and submission. Two domestic discipline romances by USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol in one volume.

Wife on the Lam

Janelle wants to take a luxury vacation for her wedding anniversary. Despite numerous hints, husband Brent misses all the clues and plans a business trip! Miffed, she flies off alone to a luxury resort. She’s going to celebrate—with or without him.

Brent didn’t have to work. He’d planned a second honeymoon to the luxury Cabana Resort. Janelle might have ruined his surprise, but he’s not going to let her ruin their anniversary, too. He has a little trick up his sleeve to take his errant wife in hand and get their marriage back on track.

Rahm’s Way

Before her military husband left for his tour of duty, Cadence Simmons relied on Rahm’s love, direction, and protection. His absence forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. After serving his country, he’s home for good and eager to resume their marriage as it was before. Only Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were. Can domestic discipline guide this couple through some major changes?

Domestic Discipline

 Cara Bristol


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“I want to work in the field. Simmons isn’t the only private detective agency. Maybe I’ll go work for somebody else.”

The air sizzled. “Is that so?” he asked quietly.

She didn’t mean it. She would never defy him that way, but he had to learn she wasn’t a pushover. Cadence wet her lips as courage and its foolish cousin, bravado, deserted her. Poke the sleeping tiger with a stick, why don’t you?

He unfolded his crossed arms. “Instead of sharing your feelings, you sneaked behind my back and presented me with a fait accompli.”

“What good would sharing my feelings have done? You still would have said no.”

“Yes, but we would have talked this out. You agreed that when you and I differed, I would have the final say. Do you think you should be able to pick and choose which rules you should follow?”

Sometimes, yeah, she did. “No,” she replied.

“Don’t you think there should be consequences for disobedience?”

In general, yes. Did she wish she could avoid those consequences, hell, yes! “I guess,” she muttered mutinously. She glanced at his face. He arched his eyebrows. Don’t make it worse for yourself. “I mean, yes, Rahm,” she amended in a more respectful tone.

He unlocked a drawer in his desk and extracted a paddle. “Here?” Cadence squeaked.

He pulled an armless wooden chair away from the small round meeting table adjacent to his desk and sat. “Lower your pants.”

“Rahm, please. Couldn’t we at least wait until tonight? At home?”

“I didn’t choose the time or venue, Cadence, you did.”


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About Cara Bristol

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes “nice and naughty” stories of love, romance, and humor featuring strong alpha heroes. She is a no. 1 bestseller in BDSM erotica, science fiction romance, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She is best known for her Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series and her Breeder D/s sci-fi romance series. She lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

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