Blog Post & Review: Daddy’s Dirty Boss by Jade West

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Blog Post & Review: Daddy's Dirty Boss by Jade West

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Post & Review: Daddy’s Dirty Boss by Jade WestDaddy's Dirty Boss by Jade West
on November 4, 2019
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser at RBA Designs
Genres: Erotic Romance, Taboo, Contemporary, Dirty Romance
Pages: 335
Format: Digital
Source: Give Me Books Promotions
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I’ve known my daddy’s boss since I was nothing more than a little girl staring up at him with big wide eyes in my parents’ backyard.

I’ve known my daddy’s boss as a powerful, smart, amazing millionaire for as long as I can remember.
And now I’m older. Old enough to take a summer job of my own alongside him, as his assistant. His good girl assistant.

Old enough to learn from him, listen to him, and try my best to make him smile.

Old enough that I now want my daddy’s boss so much it hurts.

It’s only when I start to catch the way he looks at me right back that the little flutter in my tummy tickles harder. Moves lower. Turns naughtier.

Because Mr Lindon isn’t quite the man I thought he was. Not even close.

It turns out that Mr Lindon isn’t just my daddy’s boss.

He’s my daddy’s dirty boss…

And now he’s the boss of me too.

Contemporary Erotic Romance, Taboo, Dirty Romance

First Person, dual-POV

This is a standalone book with HEA.

Addictiveness: 4.5/5  This was a fast read for me. The story kept me going and wanting more. As addictive as ice cream!!!

Cover: art 4/5, title 5/5, color-font 5/5, buy 45/5  I’m obsessed with book covers. I love to find snippets of the stories within the art. I like this cover, but I don’t love. It feels too generic for me, like I could be the cover of several other stories. The guy is hot and definitely could be Mr. Linden. I love the title, the usage of colors and font. I probably would buy this book by its cover without needing to read the blurb, but mostly because of the catchy title.

Freshness: 4/5 This was a contemporary book, but it felt original, different than most taboo romance out there.  As fresh as ice mint tea!

Plot: believable 4/5, conflict 4/5, dialogue 3.5/5, ending 4/5, enjoyment 3.5/5, opening 5/5, pace 5/5, setting 5/5, subplots 4/5, twists 3/5  Great opening and ok ending. It could be a believable plot, with satisfying dialogues and great pace. Great setting, interesting subplots with predictable twists.  Good level of enjoyment!

Writing Style: 3.5/5 Good plot concept with interesting extreme play. Taboo romance with some good descriptive scenes.   Positive writing!!!

Character: hero 3.5/5, heroine 3/5, secondary characters 3/5, growth 3/5, real 4/5 I had trouble with the characters. They were hard to connect, not easy to like and ok at understand. They were mostly one note characters.

Mr. Linden/Miles was a kinky man that liked “Lolitas”. He was having a hard time because he was hot for his best friend’s, not yet legal, daughter. I don’t mind the gap in age stories, but I have to say, the fact he pretends to help his friend while he is having a relationship with his daughter behind his back was not good. But that, was not even my problem with Mr. Linden, I just felt him to be a one note guy. All about the kinky sex, but I didn’t really felt emotions from him. It was hard to connect and understand him. Most of his speech was hot as hell, at least for the sex it was hot.

Faith was too annoying for me. She was a huge duality and it was hard to believe, connect and understand her. She was “in love”with her father’s boss and best friend since before her 16th birthday. She wanted a life with him, wanted him to be her first and only man. Her dualities came from being this very naive girl at the same time this vixen that was ready for all kind of dirty games. She wanted her parents to treat her like an adult, now that she had just turned 18, but she still slept on her childhood pink bedroom, wear pink dresses and had pink sparkling birthday parties. She was hard to understand and connect.

Secondary characters… I’m going to talk about Erika. Really, her character made no sense. She felt like she was always on TPM, always on bad mood, always trying to boss everyone around (including her boss), but she still worked with Mr. Linden and visited him on weekends. Her feelings never felt real or believable.

Villains… antagonists… Yes, there is one clear villain and I guess a couple of antagonist.

Characters were hard to connect, like and understand!!!

Romance: believable 1/5, chemistry 3/5, description 4/5, development 2/5, steam 4.5/5 I could feel the physical attraction between Mr. Linden and Faith, but I had a hard time feeling deep emotions from both. This was a hot story with lots of cold-showering-needed smut. My problem here was that I didn’t see growth into their relationship.

I have to say I like all sort of romance. In fact, dark, kinky romance is my favorite. I love non-con, and all sort of extreme play, but I guess this one scene here for me was like a hard limit. I felt it was really tasteless and not sexy at all.

Mr. Linden not only go down on Faith while she was on her period, but he also talked about it, saying he loved the coppery taste. He even shared with her by kissing her with a mouth full of blood. This is a contemporary book, we are not even talking about vampires here. lol

This was not my first book from the author and It wasn’t my favorite. It was ok, but it wasn’t great. I guess because I had a hard time connecting with the characters my enjoyment diminished.

Saying that I have to say this book was hot and offered me a lot of squirming moments. I guess I just want more than smut, I want to feel the characters emotions.

A hot story, with good, extreme kink!!!

25/35 STARS –  3.5 STARS (between 24.5 stars and 27.5 stars)

Addictiveness: 4 Character: 3 Cover: 4 Freshness: 4 Plot: 3.5 Romance: 3 Writing Style: 3.5

Action 1/5 Angst 3/5 Darkness 0/5 Humor 3/5 Romance 5/5 Suspense/Mystery 0/5

Would I recommend? I don’t know. I guess if you enjoy extreme play and like erotica!!!!

Would I re-read this book/series? Sure. No.

Would I read more from the author? Yes.

You MAY read this because you follow the author; you SHOULD read this because you like extreme play; you MUST read this because there are some good smut!!!

About Jade West

Jade has increasingly little to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s plenty happy with this. Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted.
Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile.

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