Thursdays: Life of a Blogger #3

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I’m with my dad and my two brothers.
I’m brazilian, and like most latin cultures, we are very much family oriented.
We have lunch at my dad’s with our families every Sunday.
My older brother and I, live in the same gated community, and our kids are always together.
My younger brother is still a teen and he lives with my dad.
We travel at least once a year together and we sort of raise our kids to be close cousins, almost like siblings.
I could have posted pictures of many of my cousins that I feel are like sisters/brothers to me.
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6 responses to “Thursdays: Life of a Blogger #3

  1. I think it’s great how family oriented you are! I had a couple close cousins and it was awesome! The closest I had to a sister.

  2. I love that your family is so close! I would love to live in the same apartment complex as my brother – but his is too expensive for me LOL. I live 10 minutes from him though – so I know what you mean about being close. It’s great 🙂

  3. What a nice family picture! I’m not that close to my family (that’s partly the reason why I moved away)’ but I do miss my brother a lot