Review: The Englishman’s Folly

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Rating: 3 stars

Title: The Englishman’s Folly
Author: Solange St. Brice
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Cover: 4.5 stars
Characters: 3 stars
Plot: 3 stars
Heat: 2 stars
Freshness: 4 stars
Addictiveness: 1 star

Total: 3 stars (12/24)

Zoey Warwick left a loveless marriage that had her feeling bad about herself, in search of the love of her life. As she went back to her roots, she found a treasure within the unexpected. When she met a man that may be able to make her dreams come true, she doubts his reasons and herself. Is love really a very illusory concept ? Or is out there for everyone?

Declay Murphy was handsome, rich and mysterious. He usually got what he wanted, and he had never let it slipped away before. Zoey is everything he needs, and didn’t even know he wanted. When danger came, taking her away, he knew he only had one chance at happiness. Will she be the one to comprehend his folly and accept him with his quirks? Or will she be another great deception?

The Englishman’s Folly had an interesting plot with a couple nice twists. The romance was sweet and the love scenes were good. The story was believable, and felt real. My one big hang-up with it, was that I have disliked the heroine almost from the beginning, and I wasn’t able to relate or connect with her.

Zoey spends a big part of the book complaining about how her ex-husband was selfish, but not once she tries to talk to him about it during their relationship. It was clear he had a medical problem, but she didn’t try to understand him at all.  I’m not against divorce, but I don’t believe that any relationship fails because of only one side, and for my eyes her own mistakes were clear, and it annoyed me, that she didn’t stand up for her own actions, blaming her ex for everything.

Ms. St. Brice’s ideas were original, and the little quirk she has created for Declan was interesting and very self-explanatory. The treasure found by Zoey was another fun twist thrown by the author and the conflict at the end was unexpected.

You may read this book, because you enjoy sweet romances; you should read this book, because you like a fast read; but you MUST read this book, if you want some happily-ever-after!

” I’ve always believed love couldn’t be real if it happened too fast,” (…) “Your heart called to mine, I answered, and there was no turning back. Even if you fought me all the way, I didn’t give.”

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