Review: Old Lovers, New Money

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Old Lovers, New Money
Old Lovers, New Money by Gabrielle Prevot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 stars. I like it! PNR, EROTICA
It was another freebie that I found while cleaning up my kindle. It was a good book.
It a short-story, so it was a fast read.

A female vampire that is an assassin. She doesn’t do relationship. She has learned the hard way, that she is not human and shouldn’t be mingling with them.
Of course she needs to feed, but that’s just part of nature, not an event for her.
Her room service boy is what she wants as her next meal.It’s fun and hot her struggles with her “meal”.
In just another day of work she has target, but fate is playing with her again, because he is a ghost from her past.
What will happen? Will she be able to kill him? Or is he going to kill her?

Well, I don’t know. The author left us hanging there!
I’m interested in finding out, so I will read the rest of the story when it comes out.

Impressions and Opinion
I don’t like a book that has no end. But the author did a good job here, she sort of gave us a story into a story. So, we got an end to one of the stories and get curious for what’s to come.

This is an erotica book that concentrates more into the sexual part than into the plot of the assassin.

I think to make a full novel, which I hope is going to be what comes next, the author should gives more info into the female character past and her work life.

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