Review: Divine Evil

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Divine Evil Divine Evil by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars
contemporary romance, romantic suspense, re-read, first-time review


Sculptor Clare Kimball goes back home to finally face her past. The first thing from her past she finds is town bad boy Cameron Rafferty that is now the town’s sheriff.
Soon strange things start happening and her memories are coming back and her past is catching up with her. Will she came unscathed from this? Will love prevail?

characters 5 stars

Cameron is the boyfriend everyone wish to have. Hot, wicked, fun, caring.
Clare is an amazing kick-ass heroine, and the friend we all would love to have.
It’s impossible to not fall in love with them, not relate with them and not connect with them.

plot 5 stars

No one can portrait small towns like Nora Roberts. She creates the perfect balance of gossip, family, good and bad of every little town and she gives life on her books.
You believe this place is real and you connect with these characters as if they were part of your family.
This book is a fast-paced read with some dark twists and unexpected ending.
The author keeps you guessing until the end, and delivers an intense read.

heat 3 stars

From their first scene together you can feel the chemistry flying between characters. But you also feel the love building within their actions.

freshness 5 stars

Have I mention the end? OMG, you have twists until the last page of this book. Outstanding!

editing 5 stars

No problems found.

Impressions and Opinion

I think this is my most reread book. I love the feeling of small town, I love the old friend that finds love in the present, I love the romance and I love the evil twists.
I also love the special moments like parade day that only a small town vibe can offer.
This is Nora Roberts at her best with a little spice thrown in.

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