Review: Because I Am Yours

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Because I Am Yours
Because I Am Yours by Beth Kery

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars Series, short-story, erotica, bdsm


Francesca is an artist that has just won a competition to paint for billionaire Ian Noble. She doesn’t feel comfortable with herself and this world that she has to participate in order to get her prizes and her attraction to Ian doesn’t help her.
Ian Noble knows he wants Francesca, but he also knows he is not good for her. So he tries to avoid the inevitable, but he is not strong enough.
Through out these eight short-stories they learn about each other, they embrace their personalities and Francesca learns that she may find what has been missing in submission.
Ian doesn’t believe in forever and Francesca is afraid of today… will they be able to find their path and meet in the middle?

covers 4 stars
All eight covers are simple and elegant. I can see the luxury world that will be presented and I enjoy the simplicity of it, but I miss a few little hints that would tell the reader that he will enter into a BDSM journey.
My favorite cover of the eight was #4: I like the key at the closed door. I could connect the couple with it and also the “punishment room”.

plot 3.5 stars
The author created a world of luxury with airplanes that carry cars in it. 🙂 Very rich, but nothing really new.
It was an easy read for me and it was pretty easy to understand where this was going. It didn’t really kept me guessing because I believe I already knew what was his big London secret, but I finish one book and grab the next right after, because I was interest and wanted to see it to the end.
Their was some humor in it and the intensity flow of the book grew nicely from the first until the last. The author took her time to built it.
It was a hot read, but I wish for a better ending.
characters3 stars
Francesca – she was ok, but I didn’t fall in love with her. Sometimes I sort of liked her and other I believed her immaturity was a bit painful. I could not relate to her stubbornness of entering this billionaire’s world looking like a peasant.
Ian – he was good male character. I really enjoy some of his moments of finding the child in him. His stands and doubts were easier to relate and connect IMO.

sex heat 5 stars
The sex was really really good. I saw some original scenes, the author used great description and it was steamy hot.

credibility/originality 3 stars
The story was believable, but it was not original. It’s something I’ve read many times before, but I will keep reading many times to come, because I like this read!

editing 4 stars
Even though there were 8 very short-stories I didn’t find many mistakes and believe that did a good job with it.

impressions and opinion
So many people said this was a lot like the Fifty shade’s series and I have to say, IMO, this was better.
I had fun reading it! It was fast and hot! Something to read inside the bus or the train or in your lunch hour.

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