Review: At His Request 2

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At His Request 2
At His Request 2 by Silvia Rhodes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars BDSM, Erotica, short-story, series

I won’t repeat myself. Summary, cover, characters are in my review of book 1.

plot 4 stars

I really liked the Dom and understood the sub’s insecurities and fears. It was well explained and it was a good way of warning the readers for a real life situation.
It was easy to follow the story and it had the perfect balance between new things and things I’ve read before.
Great job overall!

sex heat 5 stars

Once again, one scene made the book for me. The rest of the scenes are great, but I love seeing a Dom loose a bit of control. Really fun! HOT HOT HOT

originality 4.5 stars

I read new things here. I liked it! The author did bring something fresh with they way the characters played their game. Love the vegetables!

editing 4.5 stars

Not many problems at all. I love to read a short-story that hasn’t many typo mistakes.

Impressions and Opinion

A great BDSM book, that I would recommend if you like BDSM read. It’s not for those that are beginning with BDSM books though.

I’m going to keep on with the series!

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