Release Day Review: Goldie’s Bears by Mila Crawford

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Release Day Review: Goldie's Bears by Mila Crawford

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Ardent Prose PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Release Day Review: Goldie’s Bears by Mila CrawfordGoldie's Bears by Mila Crawford
Published by Mila Crawford on April 1, 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance, short-story, Shifter, Erotic
Pages: 50
Format: Digital
Source: Ardent Prose PR
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The Bears

Alpha. Stubborn. Virgins.
We were three alpha bear shifting brothers living out in the wilderness, content away from civilization, happy to keep our virginities...waiting for our mates.
And we found the same female.
Now that she was here we weren’t letting her go. She’d be ours no matter what.
It’s time Goldie knew what it was like having three possessive bear shifters as mates ... all of us wanting to get her knocked up first.

Warning: What’s that, you like short, safe, filthy reads, ones that have possessive bear shifters who finally found their one and only? Oh, and you like when your men are virgins? Look no further because this story has you covered!




Short-story; based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Erotic Romance, with multiple-POV. Reverse Harem.


  • Addictiveness: Is a really fast-read that can be done in one sitting. It is hot and to the point.
  • Cover: art 5/5, title 5/5, subtitle 5/5, color-font 5/5, buy 5/5 This cover is perfect! From the art, to the font/colors everything works here. I would buy this book without reading the blurb easily. They title only adds to the fatal attraction I got for the cover.
  • Plot: believable 3/5, conflict 3/5, dialogue 3/5, ending 4/5, enjoyment 3/5, opening 3/5, pace 3/5, setting 4/5, subplots 3/5, twists 3/5  Good opening and great ending. Ok conflict and hot dialogues. Good pace with not enough subplots to enhance the story. Too short to have twists. It is a steamy, fun read. I really liked the end. It was fitting an epilogue for each brother.
  • Romance: believable 3/5, chemistry 3/5, description 4/5, development 4/5, steam 5/5 This is an erotic tale. Lots of smut here. Some great scenes with good descriptions made by the author.
  • Writing Style: It was ok. Good plot, with ok characters and good smut.

  • Character: hero 3/5, heroine 3/5, secondary characters 2/5, growth 3/5, real 2/5  The story was really short so we have no time to really learn more about them. It was impossible to connect with them. I wish I  could have seen more of the bears, also the entire group interacting together.
  • Freshness: There is nothing new here. This is a retelling with an erotic bend.
  • Plot: I’ve missed a scene of two with all 4 characters together. I was a bit put off by this brothers having the same wife, but not really sharing her. Also the kids being called nephew and niece and not being considered of them all.


It was a good erotic tale, but I wished it to be a bit longer, so we could have more background on characters and the development of the romance.

23.5/35 STARS – 3 STARS (between 21 and 24/35 stars)

Addictiveness: 3 Character: 2.5  Cover: 5 Freshness: 3  Plot: 3  Romance: 4 Writing Style: 3

  • Action 0/5
  • Angst 0/5
  • Darkness 0/5
  • Humor 3/5
  • Romance 5/5
  • Suspense/Mystery 0/5
  • Would I recommend? I would recommend this book for everyone that enjoys a bit of erotica.
  • Would I re-read this series? I don’t know.
  • Would I read more from the author? Yes, I would like to see more from her.

You MAY read this because you like erotic romance; you SHOULD read this because you enjoy retelling of stories; you MUST read this for a hot read!!!


My bear was itching to get out, to shift, to pierce her neck and show my mate that she was mine—ours. But I kept him in check, knowing that right now I needed to tend to her. But seeing her naked, her womanly curves calling out to the male part of me, her full breasts with her rosy peaked tips, her nipples hard, making my mouth water, was almost my undoing.
And then her pussy, with that trimmed thatch of golden hair covering her slit, had me growling out low.
God, my cock was hard, my dick digging into my zipper, wanting free, wanting to be buried in her lush, hot pussy.
I wanted to see her bent over, her ass spread, and herpussy on clear display. Fuck, my balls were drawn up tight, my cum built up, ready to fill her, make her pregnant. I made a low sound in the back of my throat, watching as her nipples hardened further. The scent of her desire was like a blooming flower in my nose.
​I stared at her in the tub, the bubbles moving along her skin, something I wished I were doing with my hands. She closed her eyes, resting back against the porcelain, her contentment clear.
Male pride filled me that I’d brought that out in my mate. I reached out and ran my knuckles over her cheek, her skin so smooth, like silk. She let out a sigh and my cock jerked, the fucker wanting to be buried deep inside of her.
“That feels so good,” she whispered softly and I couldn’t help the rumble that came from deep within my chest.
“I want to make you feel even better,” I found myself saying. She was looking right at me, her pupils dilated, the black eating up the bright blue of her irises. I didn’t want to rush her, knew my brothers would feel the same, but the need in me was too strong.
We had found our mate and the instinct to claim her rode us hard. It was instinctual, something we couldn’t stop, something we couldn’t control. And even though she was human, she felt the connection between us as well. It was an ingrained sensation, a feeling that her body and mind recognized us as hers.




About Mila Crawford

Mila Crawford is a book lover and has been around them one way or another her whole life. She is a fan of happily ever afters, sassy heroines, over the top alphas, and most of all safe reads.

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