Crashed and Crushed

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I haven’t posted my Wednesday feature this week and probably won’t be posting my Friday feature either. I’m sorry! My computer crashed this week and I’m still in mourning. Yes! I’m still feeling a little off, numb. I spent the first day not believing it, and trying to will it back to life. Then my second day I sent to a place to see if it’s fixable. If it’s not, I guess I will need to convince my husband that I need a new one. Even when he agrees, not if, it won’t be before July, after we come back from vacation. Until then, in fact, until this Sunday I’m going to work out a schedule  with my kids for their computer. 
My biggest problem is I’m a desktop kind of gal. I love my big screen and my big keyboard. 🙂 I usually only work at home, and when I’m on vacation I don’t need to take a computer with me, my phone or my kindle works just fine. So I never quite got used to notebooks, they annoy me. Their keyboard drives me crazy. 
So, I’m going to bribe my kids and workout a rotation for me with their notebooks until  my computer is fixed or I buy a new one.
I have external HD, but I cannot find my favorite’s bar. I’m crying for that! I had all my book blogs and blogger stuff there, I don’t even know what to do. 
Really it CRASHED and CRUSHED! 

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