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Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: TEXAS MAIL ORDER BRIDE by Linda Broday

  One bachelor, one small town and one special lady to take them on! Someone has play matchmaker with Cooper and sent out for a mail bride. Now, he doesn’t know what to do with her. In fact, he is totally at loss with her. Delta Dandrigde is no wilting flower. When Cooper send her […]

Character Spotlight Tour, revi..

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Character Spotlight Tour, review & Giveaway: Hungry Like the Wolf by Paige Tyler

Romantic suspense with werewolves! Yes sign me in, please! Mac is a journalist after a break out story of the “dream team” of Dallas. Everyone thinks they are perfect, but she knows there is something dirty in this.  Gage is the captain of his pack and he is trying to protect them all by watching out […]

Character Interview, Review &#..

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Character Interview, Review & Giveaway: Playing Doctor by Kate Allure

Character Interview: Today on The Doctor Is In we get to meet three hunky physicians from Kate Allure’s soon to be released erotic romance anthology Playing Doctor—because the only thing sexier than one Alpha doctor is three!   In Playing Doctor, you’ll meet young, blond, and movie-star handsome Courtney Sinclair in the summer romance “The […]

Spotlight & Review: Somet..

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Spotlight & Review: Something Reckless by Lexi Ryan

  OMG! I’ve become quite addicted to Ms. Ryan’s books. She has found this perfect setting, a small town called New Hope, and has created a group of amazing characters that are easy to love, connect and understand. Liz and Sam are another great couple with a history of miscommunication and a few troubles on their […]

Review: Dusk by Erin M. Leaf

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Review: Dusk by Erin M. Leaf

    A world where sexy aliens protect humanity from the evil metallic spiders! Lucy Soren can’t sleep anymore. Every time she tries, she ends up dreaming about being attacked by spiders and saved by a sexy alien. She can’t forget how they felt entering her arm and almost ending her life. When Solomon shows […]

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Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Love In The Fast Lane by Rie Warren

Purchase link: AMAZON     Nick Love is a big contradiction. He could be pegged as a geek, but is far from it. One at a bike shop he meets the woman of his dreams, he almost goes up in flames. The problem is their secrets may burn them out. Will love conquer it all? […]

Spotlight & Review: Dark ..

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Spotlight & Review: Dark Prophecy by Ann Gimpel

When the dream world spills its murky contents, everyone’s worst nightmares run free   Book Trailer Lara McInnis is a therapist with paranormal abilities, engaged with Trevor that may not be ready to see these unusual abilities of his fiancee. Together, they will face several major problems such as global warming. Will they still […]

Spotlight & Review: Sin b..

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Spotlight & Review: Sin by Ketley Allison

    Wow! Ms. Allison is only getting me more addicted to this. I wish I could read the next installment right now! Really this is one of the worst reviews ever, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m still in shock! When I believe I know anything, I’m always proven wrong. Oh, please: DONT […]

Spotlight & Review: Water..

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Spotlight & Review: Waterfall by Lacy Danes

  Jordan is going back to London to once again save his brother Elmir from his folly. Looking out for Elmir is a tiring job and as soon as he hit land, he knows tragedy has been here before. His one act of kindness changes his life course forever, and now he needs to learn about […]

Review: A Soldier’s Sedu..

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Review: A Soldier’s Seduction by Brandi Evans

    Wow! This was so different! I’m not even sure how to review this!   First, I’ve enjoyed all four versions of A Soldier’s Seduction! It was exactly what I was expecting, a short-sexy-read! I was not disappointed on any of the versions that I’ve read, but I find it interesting that maybe my favorite version, […]