Book Review: Claimed by the Cowboys by Jenny Klaire

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Book Review: Claimed by the Cowboys by Jenny KlaireClaimed by the Cowboys by Jenny Klaire
on 05/19/2016
Genres: Erotic Romance, Ménage, Cowboys
Pages: 254
Source: purchased as a digital e-book
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Rose's plans for a normal, perfect life ended up anything but.
Many months after her husband's passing, she takes a job at a dude ranch, purely because of the revolving door of wanna-be cowboys that she knows are looking for the full cowboy experience, including a warm, willing, no-strings-attached woman warming their bunk at night.

Only Rose didn't expect that it would be the ranch's owners who would claim her attentions instead. Hot brothers Cade and Kevin, together, keep Rose way busier than any dude ranch guests ever could. The billionaire cowboys each run one part of the ranch's operation. Kevin runs the working ranch, taking care of the cattle and such, while Cade controls the dude ranch portion, but Rose soon discovers a third income stream the two rich cowboys hadn't revealed in the hot interview process...

Note: This story was originally published as a two piece serial, written by Jamie Klaire. Once Jamie Klaire decided to separate cowboy romances from her short story pen name, Jenny Klaire was born.




Drop dead gorgeous cowboys and a horny kick-ass heroine… what is not like?

I heard you have a mouth on you that would convert a priest if you could just get under his robes. by Kevin

Rose  has spent the last two years of her life grieving her husband’s death, now she is ready to move on and is dying to get back in the game. When she sees an opportunity to cook in a dude ranch and meet several wannabe cowboys, she jumps at the opportunity. She has already done the happily ever after, now she only wants to have some fun. What will she do about the two panty-wetter cowboys that are driving her mad with lust?

Cade is one of the two owners of the Swinging D Ranch, where he is responsible to take care of the dude ranch part of the business. He is outgoing, friendly and happy to get a new woman every week. He also knows what he wants, and when he finds it, he goes after with a bang. He wants to share Rose with his brother and wants them to find a meaningful relationship together. The only problem is that his brother has his own pace. Are the three of them ever going to find a happily ever after, or is Rose’s past getting in the way?

Kevin is the brother-owner of the Swinging D Ranch, that manages the ranch part of the business. He takes cares of the animals and the day-to-day life of their ranch. He likes his women “soft and curvy, friendly and sexy”. Rose is a perfect match! The only problem is that she must believe that too.

Three isn’t a crowd with us, its the third leg to the tripod that we need to stand tall and steady. It’s the third wheel on the tricycle I want our kids to grow up with. by Cade

I really like Ms. Klaire’s writing style. I have read some of her short-stories before and they are really well crafted, very creatively and hot as hell. I bought this book with high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Claimed by the Cowboys is an erotic read. It doesn’t try to be anything else, as it has a lot of steamy scenes, but everything is very cohesive and have a reason to be out there. The plot is fast-paced, maybe a little too fast sometimes, but kept me guessing until the end and it has left me wanting more. I hope this will become one of those ménage series that show the growth and maturity of the relationship of the trio. I would love to read more about them and to see how Rose would deal with the difficulties of a taboo relationship.

The shining star of this book is each character individually. They each have a very distinctive personality and are very lovable and relatable. They are all multi-dimensional characters that have different obstacles to overcome. Even though none of them was really sad or dysfunctional when the relationship started, we can feel how they help each other heal and grow out of their shell.

Ms. Klaire creativity to portray the perfect sexy scene is amazing. They are all different, exciting and hot as hell! I cannot even pick a favorite, because I’ve liked them all.

P.S: I’m known to be a cover slut. I buy many books by its cover only, and let me tell you, the cover of this book is one of the best I have seen in a long time. It’s perfect! It tells the story, it’s sexy and hot.

You MAY buy this book because you like ménage reads; you SHOULD buy this book if you want to read a romance; but you MUST read this book if you are looking for a jump-your-husband type of read!!!       4.5_thumb-25255B8-25255D




About Jenny Klaire

I’m a classy, prim and proper married mother on the outside, and on the inside (and in my younger years) I’m kicked back in tight jeans and a cinched corset, playing poker with one hand and sipping whiskey in the other. A mouth only a sailor would love, a two-step that just won’t quit and a raunchy imagination to top it all off.
I write as Jamie, J.M. and Jenny Klaire.

Jamie is how I started, and it has all of my early works- erotic shorts to my first attempts at long erotic romance novels. Jamie got around, if you know what I mean. She did it all- cop short stories, teacher, a little taboo over here, a little parody of some well-know kitchen product characters over there, with a historical ‘hysteria’ take way over there. Throw in an attempt at a swinger’s club version of a ’50 Shades of Grey’ and I think that covers everything.

Once Jamie dipped her toes into paranormal romance, she liked writing them enough to put them under the umbrella of a similar pen name- J. M. Klaire.

Then she decided that Jamie was a little too spread out, so she started a Jenny Klaire name to be all-cowboys-all-the-time. Jenny’s name is still a work in progress, so depending on how fast she writes, there may not be much under that tab yet, but she’ll be around soon.

If you read and liked Jamie’s ‘Menage a Cowboy,’ or ‘Claimed by the Cowboys,’ that is the kind of stuff Jenny is about to take over. Jamie will continue to be a catch-all when I want to write something that doesn’t fit under J.M.’s paranormal, shifter umbrella or Jenny’s contemporary or historical cowboys, sometimes menage, sometimes not, umbrella. Hopefully somewhere in all of my mood swings between the three, you’ll find a story or two to keep you up too late.

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars
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