Book Review: Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Milana Jacks in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Blind Beast Mate by Milana JacksBlind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks
Published by Inked Refuge on September 3, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance, Dystopian
Pages: 89
Source: Milana Jacks
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When life deals a wild card, play it no matter the cost.

Since the day Rey’s defiance earned her a blinding blow to the head, fear has hovered as close as the guide dog that clings to her side. But the terror that grips her now is almost beyond description.

Like her sister before her, Rey has been sold to satisfy the lusts of one of the alien Beasts that now rule the Earth. If the towering, leather-clad Alpha discovers his prize can’t see, he could kill her with a flick of his claw. Or worse, send her home—where the only mercy she’ll get is a bullet.

From the moment the Alpha Beast spotted Rey smiling tenderly at her flowers, his desire to own her, body and soul, roared louder than his bike’s throaty engine. But the only smiles his new pair aims his way are forced—and oddly off target. She is liquid heat in his arms, yet ignores the notes and gifts he leaves for her.

If he can’t win her over, he can’t trust her with his own truth. And the combined weight of their secrets could destroy everything.

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Blind Beast Mate

Dystopian Adult Fairy Tale

 Milana Jacks

Blind Beast Mate



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Ingenious; sexy; fun!!!

You aren’t my pair Rey. You’re my mate. You are the center of my universe. That’s what a mate is to a beast male. by Jamie



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  • Wow! The cover is perfect! The title also adds to the reading journey of this book. The play with light and shadow, the color, or better yet, the lack of vivid colors and the female’s face is perfect for Rey. I love the city’s background and the little distortions of the skin.
  • The author has created this fantastic setting of a dystopian world that has been dominated by Beasts, the ones that are trying to bring Earth back to its potential. World-building is key here, and it has been masterfully done.
  • It is a really unique book, totally different from anything that I’ve read before.
  • The plot is cohesive, with no typo mistakes that I can remember.
  • It’s a fast-paced read, that keep you guessing and wanting more at the end. OH, I wish this was a full novel, it had so much more to be explored. This must become a series!!!
  • This book is hot, hot, hot! Yeah, no sweet, tender-love-caring romance here. It’s raw, with some light BDSM and great chemistry between the main couple.
  • Very addictive book that can be read in one sitting!
  • OMG! I love both main characters. The female has entered my favorite’s list. She is such a great duality between kick-ass and fragile that I’ve almost loved her instantaneously. The male is also my favorite type: very alpha, dangerous and sexy. Even though he is bossy, he knows when to back-off and give his girl some room.
  • This book is funny. I love the couple’s interaction, is as much light-hearted as is intense. There is a perfect balance going on.  🙂


Making her yours meant conquering her pussy with might, fucking her to oblivion to get her in heat. by Jamie


Review 2


  • I believe this could and should have been a full novel. There is so much more to be explored, that I’ve ended the book feeling like, where is the next?
  • I love an amazing plot, but at the heart of the matter I’m a character reader. Because this is such a short read, we don’t learn much about other characters besides the main ones. There was the beginning of a sub-plot with whom I believe will be the main couple of book 2 (I’m certain this will be a series), but it was not enough.

Life dealt me a wild card, I thought. Jamie was my wild card. by Rey


You MAY buy this book because you enjoy erotic reads, you SHOULD buy this book if you enjoy dystopian, futuristic stories; but you MUST READ this book if you are ready for innovative plot with out-of-this-world characters!!!





About Milana Jacks


Born and raised in Eastern Europe, I’m a homesick American who has lived around the globe.

I grew up with tales of water fairies that seduced men, vampires that seduced women, and Babaroga who’d come to take me away if I didn’t eat my bean soup. I write about extraterrestrials and fantasy creatures roaming the Earth where I live with my mate and our three little monsters. All my books include something dark, something fun, and something steamy. The alphas are unapologetic and supportive at the same time. Often, the bedroom scenery is very sassy.

Beast Mates, a dystopian romance series is complete. I’m currently writing Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood series. Feel free to poke around my website. Sign up for my newsletter and let’s keep in touch!

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars
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